Lift network performance to new levels

An outstanding commitment to quality sales and service performance has to extend throughout your entire dealer network in compliance with company standards, warranty regulations and customer expectations. Today, everyone who comes in contact with your customers is responsible for driving sales and building your brand. The MSXI Retail Compliance Solution provides you with a comprehensive auditing strategy designed to identify discrepancies in your sales, after sales or warranty services, as well as standard audits to ensure dealer compliance with your company standards. 

As part of our solutions, the MSXI Mystery Shopping is a highly effective technique for gathering valuable information about customer experiences within your network, providing OEMs with a detailed overview of brand representation across dealerships, regions and countries. Warranty audits are equally important as they provide greater control of your warranty repayment system, resulting in improved cost control and better service for your customers. The MSXI Standards Auditing Solutions ensure your authorized dealers are complying with company criteria and standards. All our warranty auditors have intensive technical knowledge of the automotive industry and warranty processes. We input our auditing processes into our secure, web-based tool, Track IT, to give you real-time and archived access to dealership scores, auditing reports and network statistics.


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