Where operational excellence and strategy meet.

MSXI actively deals with problems faced by OEMs, suppliers, NSCs and dealerships on a daily basis to create and implement solid, long-term strategies with flexibility built in for near-term changes. As the global provider of innovative business solutions for the automotive industry, we have a unique understanding of operational processes and how to best achieve an organization’s productivity and revenue goals. With more than 75 years of hands-on experience in automotive best practices and technology, MSXI has guided the development of innovative retail network and human capital solutions that accelerate revenue and profitability by raising performance, and improving the customer retail experience. Tested by the world’s biggest automotive brands in local, national and international markets, MSXI’s solutions can be seamlessly implemented in any retail network.

Additionally, as a result of today’s fluctuating economy, suppliers and the industry face unique challenges and demands that can be limiting to achieving one’s goals. Whether it’s a workforce, sales or service strategy, MSXI is adept at handling your biggest concerns. Through its Human Capital Solutions, MSXI manages and leverages the blended workforce to provide companies with flexible and agile solutions that meet productivity objectives and fill highly specialized roles. MSXI’s Dealership Excellence Solutions allow businesses to identify new opportunities, maximize performance in every aspect of sales and facilitate sustainable growth and a measureable increase in profitability throughout a vehicle’s life cycle.

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