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We are a dynamic international company with a long track record of excellence working with global brands in the automotive and other key market industries. We understand the rules of the game and are continually adapting our strategies and technology tools to a rapidly changing retail market and the diverse requirements of the companies we work for. Our teams of experts work together to ensure seamless performance and measurable results - developing, delivering and managing the very best solutions for companies of all sizes and complexities.

To get a feeling of our scope, check out which brands already place their business in our hands. Or browse through our success stories to find out how we bring ideas to life.


The strategic investment in MCON Group contributes to:
•    MSXI’s digitalization strategy and further expands the spectrum of capabilities in digital...

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This book aims to inspire today’s modern car dealers to re-think their approach, based on a proven, simple, and sophisticated performance model –...

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Gothenburg, Sweden, January 22,  2019 - MSX International (MSXI), a leading global business process outsourcing company, announced today that Volvo...

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