Honda (UK) is pleased to announce the launch of their Total Loss Avoidance programme for Cars and Bikes, in conjunction with MSX International.

Honda (UK) is keen to consider support of the repair of Honda vehicles that are considered to be a borderline write-off by the insurer, therefore supporting Bodyshops with extra work and Honda dealerships with part sales opportunities and customer loyalty.

The programme is open to any bodyshop using a Honda approved parts supplier.

Honda (UK) Borderline Write-off Avoidance Programme (BWA).
The Borderline Write-off Avoidance Programme (BWA) is a parts assistance programme that is designed to reduce the number of Honda vehicles subject to write-off.

MSX International has been engaged to provide this service on behalf of Honda (UK).

Process Outline:
Between the hours of 9:00am - 5:00pm Mon-Fri

1. Email the following documents to - between 9:00am - 5:00pm Mon-Fri: BWA Form 1: Complete the Borderline Write-Off Avoidance Programme request form. Repair Estimate: A copy of the complete repair estimate or Audatex report. Or

2. Audamail: If the assessment has been raised on Audatex, attach the completed BWA to the assessment and send the complete assessment within Audamail to MSXTLA1

MSXI will review, process and respond to the sender within two working hours. If support is authorised, this can then be passed onto the relevant insurance company in order to reduce the overall repair cost and therefore influence the write-off decision.

  • If the repair is agreed by the insurance company please order the OEM parts through the normal parts ordering process.
  • Please email the invoice details of the completed job along with the sendnote(s) for the parts to to obtain your credit quoting the reference given.
  • Copies of all relevant forms or full details of the programme can be obtained on request by emailing or contacting MSXI via Audamail at MSXTLA1.

Felix Serrano, MD MSX International UK, Iberia and Latin America says 'MSX international is delighted to be supporting Honda UK 'on this programme for both Cars and Bikes. I am confident that MSXI's experience in Technical Support and Field Operations will deliver a fast, efficient and simple claims process for body shops and a successful programme for Honda (UK). Serrano continues 'MSXI is well placed to support the market with additional training, where required, and our Global reach is another key USP going forward'

Martin Dowding, Business Development Manager for MSXI adds 'Utilising Honda's simple process makes business sense. By instilling a pragmatic approach to working with each other, dealership parts managers and bodyshop managers can both enjoy strong £ returns from only a small investment in time'.

The official announcement can be reviewed here.


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