SmartGuide Solution

Put your best retail foot forward with our premium SmartGuide Solution. Automotive dealerships need a retail revolution in order to keep up with the growing demand by customers for a skilled sales and service staff that can demonstrate and explain today’s connected vehicles. With sophisticated technology and infotainment systems, connected cars rapidly are making the transition from luxury to standard and this includes dynamic navigation systems, remote vehicle diagnostics, automatic notification of emergency resources, apps store, and on-demand, real-time access to music and news.

From the moment an active shopper engages with a brand, they expect an individualized experience from a friendly staff whose extensive knowledge of the latest automotive options provides expert advice on all aspects of their future purchase. With 94 percent of shoppers now comparing, configuring, calculating and communicating about potential vehicle purchases online, a sales person must be aware of the infinite capabilities of each and every model in order to increase revenue and brand loyalty.

Transforming retail into truly responsive relationships

To help, MSX International has developed the premium SmartGuide Solution, a transformative retail experience program that enhances your dealership by training your team to connect with customers and their individual needs. This in-depth training includes practical tools such asusing virtual, 3Dproduct presentations to shape their ideal vehicle purchase, as well as techniques to explain the benefits of the latest technologies, the possibilities of the newest car models and the opportunities available through innovative ownership alternatives. Additionally, MSXI helps you qualify the right candidates for your SmartGuide program and then works with you to provide a tailored training plan based on brand, model and technology innovation assessments. The MSXI SmartGuide Solution is a powerful global platform to elevate and differentiate your brand in the highly competitive automotive marketplace.

Upgrade your retail competence with a leading automotive expert

MSXI is uniquely qualified to take your dealership team to a new level of retail service with highly interactive training modules,advanced scoring algorithms, and an actionable business intelligence suite designed to drive measurable improvement globally. Our proprietary data management tool also logs, tracks and manages the entire flow of data created by your SmartGuides. This allows SmartGuides to identify and solve issues more quickly using a collective approach that alerts them to specific trends. The granular database documents the concerns of customers on an ongoing basis, making it an invaluable source of insights for engineering, marketing and product development. Now you can leverage our proven, comprehensive solution and the 75 years of automotive experience delivered by MSXI’s 6,000 associates in 80 countries worldwide.

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