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Customer Engagement

embrace new customer and distribution models

With the sales and service processes getting more digitally and physically integrated, roles of OEMs and dealer networks become more complex and will require further integration. The fully connected car, the diversification of sales channels, and the enormous opportunity for brand specific service offerings will put a high demand on OEM’s and their retailers to align on the way they manage the customer experience at all touchpoints.

Our services will do just that for both customer initiated contacts as well as brand initiated contacts. The Business Development Center model is at the heart of this domain. The combination of Call Centers, customer persona data management & analytics, as well as, digital engagement engines, provide the foundation for a truly integrated customer-centric engagement model for customer acquisition and loyalty.

MSXI offers dedicated call centers to support OEM customers, offering around the clock automotive specialists and technical support.

MSXI offers qualified lead management customer initiated inbound and dealer initiated outbound capability for lead generation, arran- ging local test drives. Additionally MSXI offers systematic loyalty management of customers along their entire lifecycle. We integrate NSC systems, providing a proven ROI.