A MSX International (MSXI) é uma empresa líder em gestão de processos e terceirização que oferece serviços tecnológicos a empresas em mais de 80 países. A extensa experiência em indústria combinada a análise de dados e soluções de software customizadas ampliam a performance da rede de concessionários aumentando a receita, reduzindo custos e aprimorando a satisfação do cliente.

Our hands-on, decades of experience in automotive best practices, advanced data analytics, and custom software solutions will help you to boost your company's efficiency and improve retail customer satisfaction. 

Our service domains encompass the following areas:

•    Customer Engagement

•    Fleet & Mobility

•    Parts & Service

•    Retail Performance Management

•    Warranty & Technical

With more than 75 years of experience and over 6,000 industry experts in 80 countries, we have a comprehensive understanding of local, national and international markets. We use our decades of experience and industry expertise to make your business more efficient, whether you are an OEM, dealer, supplier or aftermarket service provider in the automotive/truck/motorcycle industries.




The leading international consultancy in the automotive retail space proudly announces formal corporate name change and rebrand to MSX International.

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The strategic investment in MCON Group contributes to:
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