Finding the right people

Achieving world-class productivity and performance depends on selecting employees with technical, problem-solving and collaborative skills. Companies that recruit and retain technical talent are among those who generate the most consistent returns. MSXI Technical Staffing Solutions assists companies in recruiting and onboarding technical staff. Based on an initial assessment of your technical recruitment needs, we develop a custom solution that is efficient, transparent and reliable. Our experienced recruiting team supports you throughout the recruitment process – from acquisition strategy and sourcing to talent pipeline development, interviewing, testing, onboarding and ongoing performance assessments.

MSXI offers you market insights gained from global experience combined with local knowledge of your unique technical challenges. Our dedicated recruitment team works hand-in-hand with management to understand your business and technical processes to ensure our Technical Staffing Solutions fulfill both position requirements and business objectives.   

For more information about how MSXI can help you locate the highest quality technical talent, contact us today.


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