Up-to-the-minute training

MSXI uses information obtained from its Technical Helpdesks and field engineers to develop and manage our technical training programs based on comprehensive knowledge regarding the latest technological developments. An organization’s specific needs and requirements remain paramount throughout the planning of our MSXI Technical Training Solutions. Furthermore, our technical training centers actively work to ensure dealer training activities are aligned with corporate and technical standards. Our flexible, modular approach to corporate training includes instructor-led classroom training, e-learning and blended learning. MSXI combines hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge with an innovative and open learning experience to help a company achieve its highest potential.

As a leading global provider to the automotive industry, we have the experience to provide your employees with the knowledge and problem-solving abilities they need on an ongoing basis. Our expert team looks forward to working with you. Get in touch with us today to find out more.


The strategic investment in MCON Group contributes to:
•    MSXI’s digitalization strategy and further expands the spectrum of capabilities in digital...

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Gothenburg, Sweden, January 22,  2019 - MSX International (MSXI), a leading global business process outsourcing company, announced today that Volvo...

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