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Express Service

 In today’s age automotive workshops have a significant share in customer satisfaction. While the regular aftersales services are being provided at the workshop, addition of an Express Service facility in your workshop premises significantly drives productivity of technicians along with adding to customer convenience. 

 3 reasons why Express Service should be in your business strategy 


1. Increased customer convenience

Low turnaround time for vehicles ensure customer convenience. They need not wait longer or leave their vehicles in the workshop for quick/ regular maintenance activities.


2. Increased facility maximization

Your present workshop space will be optimized in include Express Service bays without any massive investments. That way you can add another line of revenue in your existing facilities.


3. Additional maintenance services

With the facility of Same Day-Same Bay you can provide additional maintenance facilities to your customers increasing your workshop throughput.

3 reasons why Express Service should be in your business strategy

Upsell Close Rate

Selling of additional work is essential to enjoy the full benefits of the ES program, closing rate is expected to be 60-70%.

Bay Time

Bay times should be 30 minutes, Minor Service, 45 minutes Major Service, maximum 60 minute bay time where extra work has been sold.

ES Throughput

Each Express Service bay is expected to produce 8-12 cars per day.


Greater throughputs and the ¼ time selling technique will induce a lift in financials within service – particularly in parts sales.

Vehicle Throughputs

Where used effectively, ES will enable the Service Department to process more vehicles than before.

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