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Parts & Service

embrace new customer and distribution models

One of the main contributors to OEMs overall profitability is generating parts revenue which plays an important role. The Parts and Service solutions we provide, contribute to OEMs capability to penetrate the highly competitive parts and service market. We build on a quarter century of Parts & Service domain expertise and are currently adding a number of dedicated digital technology solutions to our expanding portfolio, based on an OEM specific

Current State Analysis and a dedicated channel development strategy, while securing a high-level of agility in order to adhere to the dynamics of the market. Our core product groups are Parts Channel Development and Management and Service Channel Optimization.

MSXI offers multiple solutions which enable OEM’s to implement Parts eCommerce Market, Crash Repair Management, Parts Price Elasticity, and Parts Wholesale programs to generate new avenues of revenue and profitability.

MSXI offers multiple solutions which are improving service processes to reduce maintenance cycle times, optimize workshop capacity, increase gross profits, and create an engaging customer experience.