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Steve Jones

Steve Jones

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Steve Jones is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at MSX. Steve is an accomplished executive leader, renowned for his expertise in transformation leadership and service and technology operations with over 20 years of experience working directly with OEMs and dealer groups. With a proven track record in delivering exceptional results and fostering a positive work environment, Steve is widely respected for his strategic vision and operational excellence.

In his previous position as CIO and Executive Vice President, Transformation, Keyloop, Steve played a pivotal role in shaping the global business landscape. He led corporate IT services, overseeing data center and cloud services, information security, and all business transformation initiatives on a global scale. Steve defined and executed transformation programs while managing the integration of acquired companies.

Steve’s expertise spans multiple facets of business operations, including lead-to-cash, product lifecycle, hire to retire, field operations, and finance back-office processes. During his tenure as Vice President Corporate IT at CDK Global, he managed a global team of 250 professionals, supporting 9,000 employees across 30+ countries. He formulated and executed strategies for corporate IT systems and end-user services, ensuring seamless operations across the business.

Known for his visionary approach, Steve drives complex business transformation programs, effortlessly bridging the gap between business and IT.