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The trucks of tomorrow

The trucks of tomorrow: How innovative technologies are future-proofing road haulage

Videocast with Marcel de Rycker (Head of European sales of TEVVA Hydrogen Electric Trucks), Heiner Prümper (Sales Account executive, MSX) and Jochen Schultze (Manager Global Marketing, MSX)

With environmental concerns at the forefront of many business decisions in the automotive industry, the emergence of electric trucks is one area where businesses are investing a lot of time and money. But the limited range on many electric trucks in the market make them only suitable for short haul delivery, for example from the nearest distribution hub to the final destination, such as a home or business. In instances where this range is insufficient, the standard battery and powertrain alone are not enough.

Today, innovative and sustainable technology is shaping the future of electric trucks, offering powertrains that can self-charge enabling logistics companies to introduce more environmentally friendly fleets without the fear of encountering charging-downtime. But how are carmakers getting these electric trucks to market? And with today’s grids already stretched to capacity, how will they cope with this additional pressure?

In today’s market, it’s critical for B2B business and transportation companies to consider the environmental and economic situation when developing their business strategies around electric transportation and the required charging infrastructure. In alignment with all key stakeholders – governments, authorities and energy providers – they must act today to develop and implement a solution that will secure their future in the industry.

In the case of hydrogen-fueled trucks, the implementation of hydrogen charging points is already under discussion in some areas. However, once an investment has been established between the transportation company and a hydrogen energy provider, a total mobility solutions can be implemented in the same way, whether you have a EV parc to fuel or a hydrogen parc to fuel.

In this video, Marcel de Rycker, Head of European Sales at TEVVA Hydrogen Electric Trucks, and Heiner Prümper, Sales Account Executive here at MSX, explore this topic in more detail, and discuss how TEVVA is developing its ‘Truck-as-a-service’ solution, which packages the vehicle leasing and maintenance as well as the necessary charging strategy into a single offering, allowing businesses to set themselves up for a cleaner future.

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Marcel de Rycker
Head of European sales of TEVVA Hydrogen Electric Trucks


Heiner Prümper
Sales Account Executive, MSX


Jochen Schultze
Manager Global Marketing, MSX