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MSX Beacon – connecting cars in a flash

MSX Beacon – connecting cars in a flash


by Cory Allen, MSX, SME – Business Management, Data & Analytics

MSX Beacon is a new technology offering the automotive industry valuable insight into its service and repair processes. Similar to the way modern courier services track a parcel from the warehouse to your door, MSX Beacon provides the automotive industry with a way of tracking vehicles through their entire service process in the workshop, with the primary intention of improving efficiency in operational performance.


Maximizing service times

The length of time it takes to complete a service or repair is critical to providing excellent customer service. MSX conducted an evaluation of services times in dealerships and identified areas for improvement in their current processes. The advanced system behind MSX Beacon provides the OEMs with detailed data about their dealership network, focusing on the length of time vehicles spend at each stage of the service process. The installation process is quite simple. MSX experts fit transmitters throughout service bays in an automotive facility. The transmitters are configured to scan for specific beacon signals in connected vehicles. The beacon sends a signal to the transmitter and a the data is captured for further analysis. This allows OEMs to identify inefficiencies and  bottlenecks in their service process. MSX experts can then combine this data with industry best practice to provide tailored solutions to improve overall service times and operational efficiency.


In the retail space

MSX Beacon technology provides real insight into the way dealers are managing their service and repair processes, and offers a positive return on investment (ROI) by reducing the length of time it takes to service a vehicle. Capable of producing, measuring, and reporting valuable data, MSX Beacon can help OEMs gauge performance, spot weaknesses and make informed decisions on their operational processes. MSX Beacon technology posts real-time data from dealership transmitters to a centralized portal for analysis.

With automotive experts analyzing this valuable data, OEMs can start to abandon their standardized processes and tailor them to the individual dealership needs. Beacon tech offers OEMs real value. By analyzing this workshop traffic data, OEMs are able to improve performance and produce positive results, as well as promote an improved service experience for their customers.


Customer engagement connectivity

In a competitive marketplace that sees shoppers using the Internet as a major research tool to guide their service and maintenance decisions, as well as a platform for sharing customer experience and feedback, it makes sense for the automotive sector to tune in and stay engaged.  MSX Beacon offers a digital way for customers to track the progress of their repair at the dealership. Imagine settling into a comfortable chair at the local dealership, while sipping a cup of coffee, waiting for the green light notification on your mobile device alerting you that a car repair is complete. Additionally, this innovative new spin on interactive customer engagement is enabled to send customer notifications for additional work directly via text message. For example, if a technician identifies additional work during a regular maintenance check (for example, replacement tires) a notification is sent to the customer requesting their approval. The customer can approve the additional work directly from their mobile device, and the technician can proceed with the repair. This is just the beginning of many future possibilities for the automotive industry. Innovative technology solutions like MSX Beacon are turning service challenges into service opportunities in aftermarket sales.

This technology is easy to incorporate with the help of MSX’s automotive experts. The digital dealership is what consumers expect in today’s automotive aftermarket, and MSX Beacon now delivers that reality. Technology like Beacon, developed by MSX, helps organize teams around the service shop to work towards a common goal. The trackable achievements of a group of automotive professionals are paramount in providing world-class best practice principles and further promoting favorable customer interactions. Automotive teams engaging with cutting-edge technology – aimed at boosting performance – is something all stakeholders can get on board with. MSX Beacons are impactful for teams as well as effective customer engagement tools, which translates to moving beyond the realm of retail into the automotive aftermarket – coming soon to a dealership near you.

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