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Center of Sustainable Mobility

Center of Sustainable Mobility 

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MSX and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya BarcelonaTech (UPC) – one of Europe’s leading technical universities – have joined forces to further develop a new Center of Sustainable Mobility in Catalonia.

The Center of Sustainable Mobility, based at UPC’s Martorell campus, will offer students an extensive curriculum focused on emerging automotive areas such as autonomous and electric vehicles and connected mobility. Its goal is to equip a new generation of talented individuals with the knowledge to drive the innovations of tomorrow’s global mobility industry.


Revolutionary training for the future 

New business models and industry players, and a growing demand for technologically advanced, sustainable vehicles, are all contributing to the momentous changes the automotive sector is experiencing. At its Center of Sustainable Mobility, UPC’s training will focus on the challenges and opportunities of this transformation, and provide students with a comprehensive curriculum based on developing technologies and industry trends.

Training areas will include:

Advanced manufacturing: Internet of things (IoT), robotics, big data

Advanced materials: Additive manufacturing, adhesives, high-power lasers, nanotechnology, composites

Logistics and circular economy: Smart logistics, traceability, environmental impact, purchasing policy

Sustainability and the automotive sector: Predictive maintenance based on data and sensors, emissions control, error and defect analysis

Self-driving and active safety: Biometric controls, advanced assistance systems, automated driving, integration of 5G systems

Energy: Electromobility, decarbonization, hybridization, hydrogen, batteries

Mobility innovation: Product sericitization, mobility as a service

Key skills: Key tools and skills in transforming productive processes, systems and fabrics


An exceptional collaboration  

UPC is renowned for its contribution to the industrial and production sectors, and educates more than 6,000 undergraduate and master’s students and more than 500 PhD students annually.  

Working alongside MSX, with our extensive automotive experience and training expertise, UPC can broaden its training offering and help academic teams support students as they anticipate the needs of this rapidly changing industry.