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EV boost case study

Challenge: Overcoming EV adoption barriers in Europe

A major multinational automotive manufacturer, who is considered one of the most advanced OEMs in this space in terms of their product platforms and technology, were facing a number of barriers to their wide-scale adoption of EVs and needed a program that would build the confidence and competence amongst the dealer network to achieve the brand’s EV sales and growth ambitions.

With the industry’s move towards electric vehicles (EVs), dealer networks across Europe need to strengthen their conviction, confidence and competence to sell EVs to prospective customers.

These challenges included dealer staff commitment to EV sales, and the limited capability of dealer staff to offer the information, guidance and reassurance sought by customers in the consideration and purchase process.

Amid mounting pressure, global OEMs are investing significantly in their transition to EV production worldwide. The success of this particular OEM in Europe hinged heavily on securing a dominant market position within the EV segment, despite fierce competition from established OEMs, Chinese manufacturers, and traditional automakers.

Solution: Strategies for accelerating EV sales

MSX, with its rich history of partnering with the OEM on various important initiatives across Europe, developed the EV Dealer Coaching initiative, which is centrally created at European HQ level, customized for individual markets, and delivered locally across key European markets.

The initiative aims to optimize EV sales for the OEM through their dealer network and encompasses various strategic activities to assess the confidence and competence of dealer staff to sell EVs, and to enhance the readiness of dealerships to embrace EVs and effectively communicate with customers. The primary objectives include ensuring the dealer management mindset is aligned with EV sales goals, establishing EV expertise within the organization, refining the test drive process, improving product presentation and service, and ensuring a memorable handover experience.

On-site analysis and coaching form the initial phase, focusing on quick wins such as setting KPIs and establishing key actions for dealers. Regional managers play a crucial role in overseeing further activities post-coaching. Follow-up and remote sessions are conducted to validate progress, prepare for coaching sessions, and adjust strategies as needed. Remote coaching sessions involve reviewing previous tasks, assessing KPIs, and setting new tasks, with outcomes shared among stakeholders.

On-site reviews serve to maintain relationships, assess progress, identify roadblocks, and agree on actions to overcome challenges. The final phase involves reviewing achievements, ensuring sustainability of changes, and agreeing on further tasks. Throughout each phase, agendas are shared in advance, and outcomes are communicated via email with dealers, regional managers, and the market, ensuring transparency and accountability in the optimization process.

Outcome: Accelerating competence, confidence, and compliance

This comprehensive coaching program has demonstrated remarkable success and resulted in significant improvements in dealer confidence and compliance. Our strategic approach focused on uplifting underperformers and aligning new dealers with industry standards, providing access to a pan-European network of local market experts. This level of expertise ensured a tailored and effective approach that not only strengthened dealership performance but also addressed market needs.

The program’s success was driven by the implementation of individual dealer coaching, facilitated by a dealer self-rating mechanism that enabled self-reflection and acceptance of potential gaps in knowledge. Compliance checks against EV standards and sales processes reinforced coaching objectives, ensuring a targeted and impactful intervention. In addition, local marketing campaigns generated leads, particularly leveraging the growing interest in sustainable energy solutions such as solar panels. Real-time analysis and improvement of test drive data, coupled with customer feedback mechanisms, further enhanced the program’s effectiveness.


The results speak volumes, with dealer confidence in selling EVs increasing by a remarkable 16.5%. Similarly, confidence in being EV ready surged by 16.3%. Dealer compliance along the EV customer pipeline experienced a substantial 32% increase. And compliance in customer engagement saw an impressive 62% rise. These outcomes demonstrate the transformative impact of MSX’s EV Sales Coaching Program, not only in enhancing dealer capabilities but also in driving customer-centric practices across the dealership network.

Fast facts

Customer: A multinational automotive manufacturer’s European Dealer Network

Business Opportunity: Prepare dealers for the huge rise in electrification in the automotive industry in general, to re-confirm the OEM’s EV sales strategy, dealer processes, dealer supporting tools, and to fully utilize the respective dealer’s EV vehicle sales potential.

Geographical coverage: Up to 350 dealers across 16 European markets

Solutions implemented: A modular EV Sales Coaching Program introduced remote coaching, online showroom, and an increase to the number of face-to-face visits across Europe.

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