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Learn and Thrive

Succeeding in the New World

‘Learn and Thrive’, a joint initiative between MSX and Axonify, provides a powerful learning experience that has been designed to help dealers and their employees to succeed in the new world. By offering free access to our state-of-the-art M:CORE Microlearning platform (powered by Axonify) and AI-powered learning methodology we aim to help dealers and their employees acquire new skills to thrive in the new world.

Dynamic shifts in consumer behavior, new purchasing habits and health and safety regulations in the post-COVID world have accelerated the need for transformation of automotive retail.

In this ‘new normal’, car manufacturers and dealers will need to rethink and redesign key elements of the retail customer experience. Experiences such as virtual product tours, video-based customer engagement and no-contact transactions, previously considered innovative, are likely to become the norm.

The ability of companies and their employees to ‘Adopt’ and ‘Adapt’ will be key to success in this new world. Adopt new digital tools and technologies to offer safe, convenient, memorable customer experiences, and Adapt to the new world with new knowledge and skills.


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‘Learn and Thrive’


As part of our ‘Learn and Thrive’ initiative, we are offering any automotive dealership employee, anywhere in the world, representing any brand, free access to our state-of-the-art M:CORE Microlearning platform for three months, including powerful content that will help them build new skills to succeed in the new world.

Health and Safety in the New World

Take every precaution to keep yourself, your customers and colleagues safe.

Customer Interaction in the New World

Master the skills to effectively engage customers on phone, video and email.

Sales Experience in the New World

Deliver a memorable and safe customer experience including virtual vehicle demo / test drive / delivery.

Service Experience in the New World

Learn what it takes to service cars and engage customers safely including sanitised no-contact reception and vehicle handover.

Learn and Thrive with M:CORE Microlearning

M:CORE Microlearning is a modern learning methodology that combines a deep understanding of how the brain learns with cutting-edge technology.

Powered by Axonify, M:CORE Microlearning platform imparts key knowledge and skills to learners using an intuitive learning interface, driven by spaced repetition algorithms.

AI-powered algorithms deliver a personalized, adaptive learning experience, making learning more contextual and relevant for each learner

Powerful game mechanics engage learners, further enhancing the impact of learning.

M:CORE Microlearning – The new way of learning


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Retrieval Practice

Spacing Effect

Confidence based assessment


Always adapting

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Personalised daily training

3-5 minutes per day, right in the flow of work






Casual gameplay

Dozens of Game Mechanics


Smart Analytics unlock ROI and Impact Measurement

Powerful AI

Microlearning data

How does it work ?



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Delight your customers. Thrive and succeed in the new world.