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We support all learning journeys

MSX Learning Solutions engage employees and channel their initiative, driving participation in your learning program. They also empower managers to identify knowledge gaps and uncover new coaching opportunities. Designed using a combination of curriculum strategies, blended-learning techniques, and management and reporting tools, our award-winning solutions are tailored to help you meet your business goals.

Training design and development

Learning strategies
We develop and employ innovative methods that help employees achieve their potential.

Learning curriculum design
We shape learning curriculums to fit the abilities, schedules and personal needs of your people.

Learning content development
Our content sets clear goals, inspires and engages participants, and boosts user development.

Training delivery methods 

Face-to-face, in-person training
Our in-person training applies contemporary learning techniques to a physical environment.

Immersive, virtual-classroom training
Virtual training solutions enable live-streamed, digitally enhanced and interactive remote sessions.

Training administration and management

Training administration and delegate management
Our tools support a coordinated training function which manages participation and progress.

Training academy management and governance
Our programs include the deployment and management of training academies.

Training analytics, insights and reporting

Learning data analysis and insight development
Detailed reporting helps businesses assess learning outcomes and adapt learning techniques.

Learning dashboard development and integration
Our training dashboards enable powerful visualization and monitoring of goal progression.

We help businesses thrive

Automotive businesses globally are empowering their employees through state-of-the-art techniques and positive learning experiences driven by MSX Learning Solutions. We can support you in meeting your training needs and building trust through effective engagement and personalized development.