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Videocast-Navigating the automotive sales transformation

Navigating the automotive sales transformation: Strategies for established OEMs and disruptors

Videocast with industry experts Ralph Kranz, Dirk Bott, and Mouna Ayed.

As the mobility market undergoes a profound transformation, driven by technological advances and the entry of industry disruptors, established automakers and disruptors alike must transform their operational strategies. With each grappling with distinct challenges and leveraging unique strategies, the intricacies of the customer journey, lead conversion rates, and quick decision-making demands a user-centric approach, which will be the key to success.

Customer engagement emerges as a critical factor, requiring a strategic transformation to meet the demand for a seamless online and offline experience. Established OEMs must adapt to a dynamic market through structural changes and digital tool integration, focusing on brand loyalty and balance between innovation and market demands.

Meanwhile, disruptors must learn vital lessons in innovation, crafting compelling brand narratives, and balancing disruption with consumer alignment. Fundamental elements such as a well-structured sales funnel and go-to-market strategies are key. While established OEMs emphasize a clear brand positioning, speed, and customer-centricity, the success for both depends heavily on investing in a strong brand narrative and adopting lean organizational structures, paving the way for a sustainable future.

In our latest video, hosted by MSX’s Mouna Ayed, industry experts Ralph Kranz, a veteran in the automotive industry with 25 years of experience, and Dirk Bott, Global Vice President at MSX International explore this transformation, discussing strategies to maintain a balance between tradition and disruption, and provide valuable guidance for stakeholders navigating the dynamic landscape of automotive sales.


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