Turn accessories into a key part of your sales strategy

All around the world people are spending more money on car accessories to reflect their personality. As a result, accessory sales are an excellent way to boost profits on every vehicle sold or serviced. Our Accessories Excellence Solution is a comprehensive program tailored to optimize your retail networks and increase sales. After a detailed evaluation of your accessory sales strategy, including the structure and transparency of your product price structure, we identify efficiency gaps and use our extensive experience to provide you with the best solutions for your accessory sales business.

The cornerstone of our Accessories Excellence Solution is customized product training focused on simplifying the accessory sales process, effective customer profiling and optimizing the customer buying experience throughout all sales channels. Crucial success factors include enhancing techniques, tools and processes through coaching, establishing a fully-integrated structural sales process and identifying key sales and services roles and responsibilities for meeting accessory sales objectives. MSXI also provides your dealers with comprehensive sales and marketing support and a bonus system for sales leads. By implementing key process alignments, and tracking network performance using our international tool Track IT, MSXI pushes accessory sales into the fast lane.

Car personalization has become almost as important as the car itself. Contact us to boost your accessory sales, profits and customer loyalty.


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