Upgrade your body shop business

Body shop revenues have growth potential as the number of aging vehicles on the road and a steady collision repair market increases. However, dealerships are often challenged to respond to the conflicting demands of insurance companies’ and OEM regulations. With a proven track record of developing global body shop programs, MSXI offers a comprehensive range of Body Shop Excellence Solutions designed to support dealers in building, operating and sustaining a high-performing body shop business.

One way we do that is with the MSXI Body Shop Upgrade, which was developed to implement and standardize best practices and drive key body shop processes. Our specialists equip your body shop teams with the necessary advanced skills and mindsets to improve dealership services in a sustainable way. The MSXI Body Shop Upgrade and our other body shop programs are designed to seamlessly fuse dealership sales with body and paint processes in order to ensure full customer loyalty, keep customers captive, generate sales and service leads while maintaining and building a strong brand image.

Contact us to find out how you can upgrade your body shop services for more profitability and efficiency.


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