Automotive Specialists: Your business is our business

Having developed turnkey, customer-centric strategies to tackle the challenges faced by OEMs, suppliers, NSC’s and dealerships, we have a unique understanding of your operational processes and the expectations of your customers. We know exactly how to help you boost productivity and revenue at every level of your organization. Our solutions have been tried-and-tested by the biggest automotive brands in local, international and international markets.  

Without exception, our staff brings quality insights obtained through many years of experience working for manufacturers or their dealerships. As a result, you benefit from practical know-how as well as analytical expertise. This unique combination of skills has made MSXI unmatched in terms of qualifications and industry experience.     

As an industry specialist we are pleased to announce the development of a pioneering process optimization and technology program that creates a seamless and unified brand experience for the automotive customer and increase in profitability of up to 2% for the OEM.

Want to know more? Find out how our Aligned Customer Framework can open up new growth opportunities in your retail network here.


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