Fleet strategies on par with your ambitions

Faced with decreasing potential in private sales and a growing fleet sales market, it is important for OEMs and dealers to secure a strong customer base in order to successfully position themselves against multi-brand lease companies and other competitors. Even smaller dealerships can turn fleet sales into an attractive source of profit. At MSXI, we take a proactive, strategic approach geared at improving your sales and service performance, gaining new fleet customers and growing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Fleet Excellence Solutions supply you with a tactical program that generates additional volumes, fills the gap in fleet sales capabilities and ultimately drives revenue and profitability. In the interest of sustainability, results are monitored on an ongoing basis and MSXI supports your staff with training programs and workshops that ensure your sales professionals are equipped with the best practices and most effective sales techniques. Additionally, our Fleet Excellence Solutions also are supported by our web-based tool, Sell IT, which significantly improves fleet sales lead conversion rates and marketing campaign ROI.

Contact us to find out more about how to leverage fleet sales to your advantage – regardless of the size of your dealership.


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