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Driving operational success through business management practices and data

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has driven a major shift in consumer expectations, forcing retailers to introduce new revenue-generating opportunities and online services to help boost profitability.

But these challenges have also demonstrated that the dealerships with strategic data and business management practices in place have been able to emerge from the pandemic stronger.

A successful business management strategy plays a critical role in dealership financial health, and. It helps dealers and OEMs make informed decisions based on evidence and performance.

In this podcast, Bastien Fusberti, Business Management Lead at MSX International, is joined by Chris Beukes, VW Audi franchise executive at Hatfield VW Group in South Africa; Julie Ann Gutierrez, Dealer Network Development Manager at Nissan, Philippines; and Tim Daly, Ford Academy IMG Business Management Head. Together, they discuss the ways in which dealers and OEMs are leveraging business management data and information to address these business challenges and drive performance.

“Through targeted training, we help our dealers and their teams develop the discipline and basic knowledge needed to refine their business management. It’s key they understand the metrics, the processes, and how these affect the bottom line.”

Julie Ann Gutierrez, Dealer Network Development Manager at Nissan, Philippines



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