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Developing strong relationships with your retail network is key to success.
Field operations form a crucial part of retail network health, providing guidance and support to improve overall performance.

Transforming field management

Traditional field management models have supported OEMs for many years, ensuring they provide a consistent customer experience across the entire retail network. However, the current approach comes with a number of challenges for OEMs, retailers and their field managers.

Traditional field representatives can spend hours on the road travelling between retailers, counseling stores on how to improve their operations. But large teams of employees working in disparate locations across a retail network are expensive and can sometimes lead to inconsistencies in support. Furthermore, retailer visits often require retail personnel to step away from their day-to-day responsibilities and can be disruptive to retailers’ operations.

While field operations remain effective in many ways, OEMs must rethink how they connect with their retailers, continuing to help them achieve their performance goals whilst reducing costs to the business.


What do we offer?

MSX can deliver the remote field management solution as a complete BPO service, offering many years of industry expertise and creating huge savings for automotive businesses. We have developed a suite of solutions that enable our remote field teams to monitor retail performance closely, identifying the stores that are most in need of support and providing specific guidance to drive them forward.

We work with OEMs to develop an intervention strategy for their entire retail network, allowing onsite interaction based on the needs of each individual retailer. Alternative intervention methods complement face-to-face visits, helping to bridge the gap between OEMs and their retail networks.


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Our dedicated centralized teams ensure consistent communication with automotive retailers at a cost that’s significantly lower than that of a traditional field team. Meanwhile, the individual interaction with the retailer can be shorter and more frequent, helping to reduce disruption.

By leveraging data and analytics, we can monitor retail performance closely, identifying the stores that are most in need, and provide specific guidance to drive them forward.

Maximize retail performance

By consolidating internal data pools, we can access to most of the retailers’ key metrics across all revenue streams. These metrics can be weighted based on their importance and aggregated into a performance index, which, in turn, can be used to cluster retailers into performance groups. We can then establish the correct level of interaction with each retailer based on its performance group. High performers will require less guidance, while the retailers that struggle to achieve their objectives will require more attention.

An intervention strategy can be created to address the various levels of performance, allowing our remote teams to work together with the OEM to deliver onsite interaction only where it is needed most.

MSX M:CORE solutions deliver and assess the skills and knowledge of the network in achieving the KPIs to drive and sustain behavior change. Alternative intervention methods, such as digital learning, remote coaching and remote auditing complement the in-person visits, and can be directed at the entire retailer or at individual members of the team.

Digital field management solutions

Digital learning

helps instill the fundamental knowledge and skills required by front-line staff and workshop technicians. Digital tools can be used to apply and refine their expertise, helping to improve the consistency and delivery of training throughout the entire retail network, while offering substantial cost savings.

Remote coaching

provides continuous interaction between the retailer and a centralized – but dedicated – support team. It allows OEMs to streamline their field operations and offer frequent and consistent communication, helping them to respond quickly to industry, economic and social changes.

Remote auditing

enables OEMs to conduct audits remotely. Our experienced auditors guide retailers through this remote audit process, providing them with steps for improvement to ensure your retail network is complying with retail standards and performing to the best of its ability.

An intelligent, data-driven solution

The MSX Digital Field Management program leverages data, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify retail deficiencies and produce tailored improvement plans that address and rectify anomolies and help enhance retail performance.

These innovate technology solutions play a significant role in the future of intelligent resource management. Using smarter solutions, we can help OEMs build retailer profiles based on their performance, consolidating information from all areas of the store and creating the correct intevention plan for the issues at hand.

These tools can then continuously modify the algorithm to adjust these improvement plans based on performance, helping OEMs direct their efforts where they are most needed and remain efficient.

Continous improvement – sustainment

Digital field management leverages analytics and AI to amend dealership deficiencies with tailored improvement actions.

The benefits of a more flexible support model

Digital tools significantly help improve performance throughout the entire retail network by identifying performance concerns early.

Introducing centralized resources and tailored improvement plans results in substantial cost savings.

Delivery of a consistent service to all customers throughout the retail network leads to improved customer satisfaction.

Tailored support from the OEM improves retail performance and increases retailer satisfaction.

A variety of intervention methods can be used to achieve KPIs, and drive and sustain behavior change.