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Fleet service loyalty

MSX has transformed fleet payment processes

MSX has erased the complexity and administrative burden of fleet billing.
Our Fleet Service Loyalty products make fleet billing processes easier, faster and smarter for OEMs, their dealers and fleet customers.

Using automation and intelligence tools, they reduce administrative tasks associated with fleet billing and help operators handle billing processes with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Our products free up time and offer detailed reports to help OEMs and fleet customers manage their fleets more strategically and make more informed financial decisions.

Keep customers keen with smarter services

MSX’s comprehensive billing services are efficient, cost-effective and secure. They help OEMs work smarter, strengthen customer relationships and increase loyalty by using business intelligence to develop targeted opportunities.

Take the burden out of billing

Managing a large fleet can be costly and time consuming, especially when vehicles are located across the country.

When drivers have their vehicles serviced or repaired close to where they’re located, it creates a significant administrative burden for fleet companies who have to process multiple invoices. Meanwhile, OEMs must process invoices that include many variables, such as disputes, promotions and late fees.

The Fleet Service Loyalty suite employs specialist knowledge, digital tools and a structured, planned approach to save you and your customers time and money. It helps you to run a streamlined fleet business at global or national levels and target different fleet customer groups in the right way.


Percentage of fleet
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(Source: Shell)


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fleet managers spend
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(Source: BusinessCar)


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(Source: Shell)

Fleet Service Loyalty supports three core functions:

Fleet Central Billing Engine

Consolidates multiple dealer repair or part purchase orders into a single, unified invoice. The system applies an OEM’s payments and promotions rules, and accounts for variables such as contract and vehicle data, repair details, third-party parts purchases and credit application information.

Fleet Management Portal

An OEM-branded, web-based user application which works in conjunction with the Fleet Central Billing Engine. It integrates with the OEM’s own systems and enables fleet customers to input relevant billing information and generate business intelligence reports.

Fleet Prior Approval Engine

OEMs can offer fleet customers the freedom to determine pre-set repair or service limits. It means their drivers can request electronic approval of repairs at approved dealerships, reducing the need for carrying company credit cards, cash or checks.

Cut admin. Make better decisions

Fleet Service Loyalty helps OEMs:


Make smarter decisions

Manage fleet decisions more strategically, based on transparent data.


Increase sales

Retain and engage new customers and increase sales of original parts, servicing and financial services.


Apply promotions easily

Reward dealerships and deliver credit for discounts faster.


Gain competitive advantage

Deliver these comprehensive fleet services and stand out in a highly competitive market.


Cut costs

Reduce manual tasks and spend more time focusing on value-added activities.

Engage customers and reward loyalty

Improve billing accuracy

Help customers reduce time-consuming manual processes and risk of error.

Give them convenience and security

Give drivers preset spend limits so they can stop for repairs without the need for credit cards, cash or checks.

Improve service for customers

Help them monitor their own activities with the online portal.

Reduce admin

Free their valuable time with less paperwork.

Provide reports

Let them understand patterns in service or repairs.

Help dealerships work smarter

Eliminate merchant or transaction fees

Provide payment-to-dealer parts statements

Offer online reports to help dealers make informed decisions about their fleet operations

Deliver 24-hour access to parts diagrams, videos, shipping and delivery information