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MSX Digital Innovation Hub, Berlin


The MSX Digital Innovation Hub is a center of excellence with the expertise, tools and knowledge to revolutionize the automotive industry.

Based in Berlin, Germany, a team of consultants, engineers and data scientists have joined forces with industry experts to design next-generation digital services and technological solutions to further innovate our business process outsourcing (BPO) services.

We use intelligence and insight, along with a wealth of knowledge and industry data, to design next-generation digital products for vehicle manufacturers who are determined to be the best in the business.

The team:


Highly-driven innovators and focused industry experts


Digital tech focus:


Artificial intelligence, machine learning and process automation



MSX Digital Innovation Hub – Berlin, Germany

 Accelerating the digital transformation of your business processes

Using knowledge and experience, we have the power to revolutionize your business.

Launched in 2018

The MSX Digital Innovation Hub was formed in 2018 to accelerate digital transformation across key automotive business processes and remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

Key projects

Driving AI-led digital transformation, MSX developed M:WISE, a cutting-edge warranty platform that provides OEMs with the accuracy and transparency needed to take control of their warranty processes.

Emerging tech

A diverse team of experts across AI, machine learning and process automation addresses the needs of the automotive industry to redefine existing business models and leverage transformative digital solutions.


MSX’s Digital Innovation Hub was conceptualized and developed with the support of BCG Digital Ventures, the digital arm of The Boston Consulting Group.

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