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Technical Publications

Deliver intuitive, digitized resources 

With vehicle operation and maintenance information becoming ever more complex, automotive brands must continue to enable customers and technical teams to easily understand, maintain and repair vehicles and their systems.

MSX Technical Publications specialists are experts in data utilization. We help brands create technical data that can be shared seamlessly across platforms and users, resulting in highly accurate technical publications that benefit all areas of your business, from the management of warranty claims to technician training, parts catalogs, customer manuals and more.

Our processes help your business increase agility and efficiency while reducing overall cost, by streamlining the flow of data into multiple business operations, so information and updates are delivered across the organization in near real time. 

We understand that every business is unique. That is why MSX offers a consultative approach to better understand our clients and the needs of their customers.  

Our results speak for themselves


On schedule
project delivery


Annual technical


Increase in customer
satisfaction scores


Right the first time

We employ state-of-the-art tools

MSX Technical Publications services leverage engineering models, hardware and software design specs and service BoM for Owner’s Manuals, Service & Body Repair Manuals, Diagnostics, Part Catalogs & Schematics

Our use of cutting-edge technology allows us to develop 2D/3D images and animations for use in technical publications and training products, and supports additional services such as performing on-vehicle validation and labor time studies

Get more from your data

Using our extensive experience in technical publications, MSX has developed a comprehensive solutions suite that addresses the needs of multiple business areas.

Our suite of products offer end-to-end solutions that benefit seven key fields of development.
These are:

OEM review of technical publications

Owner information

Service, technical service bulletins, body repair, information recalls

Parts catalogs and wiring data

Emergency response guides

Training curriculum

Technical helpdesk


The Future of Technical Publications

At MSX, our commitment is to remain proactive by anticipating the future needs of our clients and the customers they serve. Our services and solutions are specifically developed to swiftly adapt to changes in major markets and business landscapes. We believe that all businesses should leverage digital platforms to source information, harness data, present it digitally, and update it quickly and consistently across the business. MSX delivers full-circle solutions to all clients, vastly improving their business experience and customer satisfaction.

The Future of Technical Support

According to Forbes, some of the largest automotive manufacturers have more than 10 million vehicles’ worth of data sitting in repositories. That is why MSX is committed to helping automotive businesses find their way in this newly digitalized industry by leveraging the abundance of data their vehicles and systems capture every minute and every day.

We believe this approach to smarter Technical Support helps organizations develop valuable new opportunities and gain new insight into their customer’s needs, providing the tools for a proactive approach to customer engagement and problem solving.