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MSX recognized in supplier evaluation by Volvo Cars Corporation

MSX recognized in supplier evaluation by Volvo Cars Corporation

March 30th, 2021

MSX International (MSX), a leading global business process outsourcing company, announced today that it has been recognized for continuous improvement during the recent supplier evaluation by Volvo Cars Corporation.

Volvo Cars Corporation regularly evaluates its key suppliers through their Supplier Evaluation Model (SEM). Quality, robust management process, corporate social responsibility and global reach are some of the key areas that are evaluated. In 2017, MSX was awarded the Volvo Quality Excellence Award – an accolade only presented to Volvo’s best partners and suppliers worldwide.

Following a recent renewal of its SEM evaluation, Volvo has further recognized MSX for its application of continuous improvement processes applied throughout all functions, with an even higher score than 2017.

MSX and Volvo: A long-standing business partnership

MSX supports Volvo on a number of local and global projects in more than 25 markets. Focusing on various aspects of the Volvo business chain, MSX has shown unprecedented commitment to quality and organization in all partnering ventures. MSX’s dedication ensures it operates above the high expectations set by Volvo and continues to support this, and other leading automotive OEMs, in their accelerated business transformation.

Patrick Katenkamp, CEO at MSX International, said, “Receiving the evaluation result from Volvo is an honor, and confirms that all aspects of our business are fulfilling its high standards. Especially during this period of transformation, we are keen to support our customers and help them continue to improve their business performance and revolutionize their business models to meet the new market reality.”

Dirk Bott, VP Global Sales Operations at MSX, responded, “This strong evaluation result recognizes our successful long-term partnership with Volvo. Our global teams work hand-in-hand to deliver quality services to Volvo every day. We will continue to focus on exceeding the organization’s expectations.”

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