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Technology is key to efficient vehicle maintenance

Technology is reshaping the automotive industry. Manufacturers are heavily focused on building the vehicle of the future but maintaining these vehicles in the marketplace puts great pressure on technicians to upskill quickly.

Electronic failures represent more than 70% of all dealer repairs and this number is expected to grow. Yet the aftermarket is heavily saturated with other manufacturers and independent repairers competing for your customers’ business. And, while OEMs are experts in their own brands, understanding the wider marketplace is no simple task.

With decades of automotive experience and a global presence in more than 80 countries, MSX can bridge that gap and offer solutions to help improve the accuracy of mechanical diagnoses and technical support.

Provide precision when it matters

MSX has developed technical solutions to improve operational performance by digitalizing the technical support and escalation process.

Using data, technology and industry knowledge, MSX delivers a higher level of technical support and diagnostic accuracy. By digitally enabling these processes, we can improve first-time-fix rates for OEMs and deliver higher customer satisfaction.

We are currently supporting automotive manufacturers in thousands of dealerships around the world with our technical solutions.


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Optimize your technical support

Traditional business models can be labor intensive. They are not cost effective, nor do they allow OEMs to use the valuable data generated throughout their networks.

MSX can use this data to provide intelligence to OEMs to support more informed decisions about the best way to manage your technical support services.

Our digital solutions help you increase the efficiency of back-office processing. By automating responses of known solutions, you can speed up response times and the accuracy and quality of your technical helpdesk, while significantly reducing operational costs.

Our dynamic rules engine pairs your most complex queries with relevant technical documentation, ensuring technicians receive an accurate and efficient response. We can also introduce natural language processing (NLP), optical character recognition (OCR) and image recognition to further enhance these digital solutions and automate other functions within your technical support process.

Gain knowledge, skills and technical

Being able to instill confidence in your customers is one of the fundamental ways to ensure a high level of loyalty and retention. At MSX, we are committed to delivering solutions that provide accurate and informed technical support.

Technical Solutions

Technical helpdesk

Our helpdesk support teams operate with well-defined scope, methodology and processes. Driven by technical experts, they provide diagnostic support to technicians throughout the dealer network to help resolve repair issues and parts requests.


Our dedicated pre-approval team handles all requests for repairs and body parts prior to a vehicle service to ensure labor-intensive repairs are only carried out when required. This service aims to improve first-time-fix rates on repairs that are difficult to diagnose.

Pre-diagnostic center

This preventative service is managed by a team of specialists who use data generated from in-car technology to identify service and repair requirements before they become an issue for the customer.

Field support

Our mobile master technicians offer onsite support to resolve complex issues that cannot otherwise be rectified through the technical helpdesk.

Improve customer satisfaction

The introduction of digital solutions into a labor-intensive environment offers more than just automation and performance analysis. Our technicians can detect and diagnose issues with greater accuracy. Using a combination of data and repair statistics, they can pinpoint the risk associated with a particular repair and be better prepared.

Our connected technologies can also identify customer interactions over multiple areas of the business. This information can help create a clearer and more accurate picture of the customer and allow you to offer them a tailored service.


autonomous vehicles could be introduced globally by 2030.
(Source: Frost & Sullivan)


of a car’s value is accounted for by vehicle electronics.
(Source: Strategy&)


of global passenger car sales may be battery electric vehicles by 2050.
(Source: LMC Automotive)

MSX’s technical solutions offer:

Faster response times to new problems

Higher customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention

More accurate diagnosis of repairs

Cost efficiencies as a result of reduced back-office processing

Bring your data to life

OEMs are generating huge volumes of data and learning to make sense of it is vital if they want to stay ahead of the competition. But their use of multiple, disconnected systems can make this difficult.

MSX has the skills and expertise to consolidate and analyze this data and provide insight that drives business decisions. These decisions help improve future product development, rectify common issues and improve customer satisfaction.

With MSX’s technology solutions, you can be ready for whatever the future has in store.