Lower warranty costs by reducing unnecessary repairs

Rapid developments in vehicle engineering and technology offer great advantages to car owners – but these developments can also result in highly complex, expensive and sometimes unnecessary repairs. The Technical Pre-Approval Solution developed by MSXI monitors OEM diagnostic components subject to validation and provides dealerships with multilingual support by phone or online.  Our dedicated pre-approval teams efficiently handle all pre-approval requests for repairs and body shop parts to ensure labor-intensive warranty repairs are only carried out when required, producing significant savings in warranty costs and a strong growth in customer satisfaction.

Find out more about how our staff can enhance efficiency and reduce your warranty costs with pre-approval solutions that offer ongoing benefits that positively impact your short- and long-term ROI. Do it today and start profiting immediately.


The strategic investment in MCON Group contributes to:
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Gothenburg, Sweden, January 22,  2019 - MSX International (MSXI), a leading global business process outsourcing company, announced today that Volvo...

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