Eliminating warranty waste is a win-win situation

OEMs currently spend between two to four percent of their annual turnover on warranty and warranty-related costs, with 30 percent of these costs directly related to inefficiencies in dealer networks. And, many automakers lack an integrated warranty management solution.

30% of the total warranty costs is coming from dealers through poor practices and processes

MSXI Warranty Solutions provide you with new and better ways to eliminate warranty waste and streamline dealer processes using a highly effective set of warranty programs tailored to meet your unique business requirements. Our industry experts assess, improve and effectively manage your warranty processes and implement best practices specifically designed to overcome warranty process inefficiencies at both the OEM and dealership levels.

Not only does this reduce the dealer’s financial risk, but the improvements in dealership warranty services noticeably increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. A win-win situation for everyone. Our robust warranty management program offers a competitive advantage for individual dealerships and the organization as a whole.

For any warranty program to work, a company needs a staff that is fully compliant with current warranty rules and can immediately incorporate warranty rule changes into their processes. With MSXI Warranty Training, we offer best-in-class corporate training programs tailored to the specific needs of the automotive retail industry. Our flexible, modular approach to corporate training includes instructor-led classroom training, blended and e-learning.

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