Open new roads to profitability with an in-depth warranty assessment

MSXI Warranty Assessment offers you fast, impartial assessment of your warranty claims handling process. Our field experts use single and stepped assessment programs to help you evaluate, approve and manage the warranty claims received from your dealer network, thereby identifying shortcomings and best practices. Our warranty assessment approach allows us to individually select dealers that need process optimization. Additionally, MSX International offers warranty cost reports as well as recommendations on warranty policies, procedures, claims handling and warranty training for dealers.

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The strategic investment in MCON Group contributes to:
•    MSXI’s digitalization strategy and further expands the spectrum of capabilities in digital...

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This book aims to inspire today’s modern car dealers to re-think their approach, based on a proven, simple, and sophisticated performance model –...

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Gothenburg, Sweden, January 22,  2019 - MSX International (MSXI), a leading global business process outsourcing company, announced today that Volvo...

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