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The right e-learning platform has the potential to provide your employees with a flexible, motivating and productive experience based on communication and collaboration. The best e-learning platform reflects your corporate culture and serves your changing needs. Train IT is a fully scalable, technology-based platform at the core of the MSXI Training Management System: a comprehensive solution that analyzes training needs, develops training objectives and content tailored precisely to meet your business requirements. Train IT provides a number of measurable benefits such as an online virtual training library, communication and collaboration platforms, and multiple reporting capabilities and formats. The complete software application can be endlessly and easily modified to meet your changing needs with additional applications, user groups or functionalities. Train IT lets you access detailed logistics reports and evaluations that keep you well-informed of training participation, achievements and costs, including registration status, individual, team and corporate performance. What’s more, all MSXI training modules can be easily imported into various industry standard forms (e.g. SCORM) that have been created using other authoring tools.

Contact us directly to learn how Train IT can optimize your existing e-learning program, or let us design a learning program to your needs.


Acquisition accelerates MSX’s growth strategy and further expands the company’s position in the automotive digital learning and training space.

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Detroit, August 28th – MSX International (MSXI),  a leading, global technology-enabled business process outsourcing company, has been named ‘Services...

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The leading international consultancy in the automotive retail space proudly announces formal corporate name change and rebrand to MSX International.

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