Adopt a customer-centric strategy for maximum ROI

Today’s customers are more diverse, have higher expectations and a lower sense of loyalty. Satisfying customer requirements demands focus and consistency, coupled with the ability to precisely analyze their needs. For the first time, OEMs and their retail networks can benefit from a program built completely around a customer-centric strategy to create a seamless and unified brand experience that increases OEM profitability by up to 2 percentage points (or a 30 percent gain).

The MSXI Aligned Customer Framework (ACF) optimizes and realigns internal processes in the distribution value chain and engages every employee to achieve a strong customer-centric focus. Supported by an innovative technology solution, ACF manages and synergizes all customer and vehicle information throughout the retail organization. MSXI ensures optimal dealer performance by providing valuable and relevant information that helps to properly address customer needs at the right time, in the right places. Our understanding of operational processes has guided the development of ACF and our broad range of easy-to-integrate technology tools makes it possible for us to seamlessly implement it in any retail network.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you translate customer information into profitable, customer-centric offers, services and interactions.


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