Invest in learning to get the most out of your team

Companies that invest in ongoing training and talent management have the most engaged employees and the most success. The MSXI Training Management Solution (TMS) offers you best-in-class corporate training programs tailored to your company’s specific needs, culture and brand. In addition to modular e-learning programs, our flexible approach to corporate training includes classroom training led by our highly trained instructors. MSXI combines hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge with an innovative and open learning experience in order to help people achieve their highest potential. Not only does this training increase revenue and profitability, but it also improves the customer retail experience and results in higher employee engagement.

MSXI takes care of all your training development needs including validation, content development, learning materials, logistics, instruction, audio and visual equipment and any other necessary resources. Its monitoring and evaluative functions ensure long-term quality and provide the necessary documentation for demonstrating company compliance. Finally, MSXI offers ‘train the trainer’ seminars using the latest interactive methodologies. MSXI Training Solutions are Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001:2008 certified for management, project development and realization of corporate trainings focused on classroom and e-learning enabling.

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